March 26th - April 30th

This experience is an E- Course Format that is divided up in 3 phases. YOU ONLY PAY PER 1 PHASE. This a BRAND NEW COURSE WITH ALL BRAND NEW CONTENT.


This program is created to uncap you from the limitations of human time understanding and shift you into a heavenly paradigm of speed and possibility, and activated you into a higher realm of understanding that will empower you to walk in a higher realm of Divine possibility and break out of delay. In the first phase of this course I will be breaking down the dimensions of the realms of eternity and the mystery of time and teaching how finance, innovation, and creative power are all connected to this realm.

In phase 2 the context will be more of an interactive group setting via FB group or zoom, where you will be able to post and interact with others, as well as receive useful teaching that is geared to bring you into a place of application. This second phase is to take you to a place of turning your purpose into movement and give language to revelation and turn it into implementation. 

Phase 3 will be set up focused on teaching you how to establish and expand your influence, and impact culture.


Phase 1: 6 weeks of Teaching via pre recorded video 45 min each.

There will be 3 30 min Live Q&A Sessions available through the course.

Study Notes to highlight content will be included with the course.


Phase I: 

6 weeks of teachings on 

-The Eternal Continuum

-The Infinity Continuum- Trans Dimensional     Time

-The Natural Time construct: shifting from a human construct to a Divine Construct. 

- Jumping Timelines- New Understanding Builds New Time. 

-The Economy and Technology Of The Eternal. 

- New Creation Realities 


Launch into Change

Phase II 

Think Labs/Tanks to bring Translation of supernatural revelation and ideas into tangible implementation. 

-Decoding the supernatural into language that is understood.

-Strategizing The Impossibility. 

-Unifying your purpose to create movement and become a force.

-Create a context for implementation 



Expand Your Influence 

Phase III:

Coalition Of Exponential Destiny-

Community hot spot to support you as you are growing in the new. 

-Leverage and Expand Your influence. 

-Learn how to build a life giving community and network. 

Awakening Your Destiny


Sometimes processing your life story of where you have been and where you are going can be challenging. But it is crucial if we are to discern between what we have inherently perceived about our process and our present moment vs how God sees it and how our life was created to impact our context, in others words, the culture and world around us.

Are you feeling a bit lost and confused in you purpose and process? 

Do you feel like your destiny is on hold or hiatus? 

A shift in perception can realign our focus and purpose of the destiny God has set apart for each one of us. 

Bridging from the frustrating place of false perceptions and into the fruitfulness of the hope of our calling

Do you want to discover your Why and unlock greater clarity into its layers?

Do you want to shift in your perception about your life, history, circumstance, and trajectory?

Do you want to understand your context? and how your life has the potential to make a tangible difference around you?


Learn how to apply the wisdom of God in your destiny and life perception, so that you can gain greater clarity into what is ahead of you and gain clarity in your place of impact within culture in EVERYTHING YOU DO.


Your purpose was created for impact. 

Your life is authored by God, and it is a story unfolding. Sharp focus and deep connection to you purpose and calling will bring momentum to your journey. 

Course Overview


SCHEDULING: Course starts Feb 28- March 1st - This is a 3 day course. Each Session is approx 45 min long with a Q&A time all a total of approx 1hour and 20 minutes per session. 

you will receive an automated email with the link to the group page on FB. please check your spam and junk folders. 

  • Discover & Understand Your Why.

  • Redefine the true essence of focus.

  • Understand Your life story: I will teach you how to chart a map of your perceptions of your history, present moment, and where you are headed. This map will include emotional, mental, and spiritual lenses, so that you can discern the eye of God in your life and walk by His vision, and not a broken focus.

  • Understand your context: Make sense of your place, its influence and how your perception is either serving your purpose or hindering your growth.

  • Discover how to find your place in your context, maintain your focus, and increase your impact.

Intelligent Design


This is a 3 day course where you we learn the practical side of developing your brand identity, developing a content calendar, and how to create your merchandise.

For several months now people have been reaching out to me privately and asking me how I develop my graphic design, websites, and merchandise. 

I developed this course as a three day crash course where I share how to create a brand identity that is true to who you are and that communicates your message effectively. I will teach on how to create an aesthetically pleasing digital space in websites and social media graphics. In addition to all this, I will teach you how to create congruency in your content, design, and merchandise, all this to the end of articulating clearly your message in every facet of your online presence and image. Truth be told Aesthetics matter, Presentation matters, and studies show that the sharper the design the more that your audience perceives a greater credibility to your voice. 

This course is perfect to start out your new ideas strong and with creative direction, wether you are trying to launch a business, a creative endeavor, or a ministry, or everything in between these options. Here you will learn what i have discovered to work best and how to practically apply it!




This is a three day course. Each session will be 45 min to an hour long and in Video format.


Outline Of The Course

  • Creating Brand Identity.

  • Creating an Aesthetically Pleasing website and online presence. 

  • Learn Brand congruency and how to keep your content cohesive.

  • Learn the abc of what is good design

  • Learn what to do and not to do when it comes to online design.

  • Learn what website platforms are best for your needs.

  • Learn how to create cutting edge merchandise

  • Learn the ins and outs of creating files that are compatible with tshirt and merch printing companies. 

  • Learn what printing platforms and shipping platforms work best for your needs.