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Briefings & Mastermind Experience 

Start Date: Aug 3rd 
Times: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm CST
*all content is available for replay if you are not able to be part of the live experience.*

This is a monthly subscription or a 3 month package: Renewable monthly or every 3 months. 

Marvel Ad Astra Briefings & MasterMind Experience-


I am excited to launch this new platform to prepare and equip you in birthing a new era in your field of calling. There is a divine event at work within you, there is greater work within you, there is new creation exploit within you, and it must come forth. Many times there is no context for the new thing. Many times not only are you birthing only a promise, but a realm, and that realm calls for divine architects and futurists that know how to envision, how to build, and how to navigate the movement of the flow of power once it manifests. This platform is an introduction into this development. 


This interactive platform is geared to give you a foretaste of 

  • the Divine possibility for this Next Age, 

  • the limitlessness of Divine Intelligence, 

  • Keys into divine strategies and blueprints, that merge the innovator, futurist, creative, mystic, revelator, and divine genius in you, strengthening you, inspiring you, and empowering you to do what has not been done. 


You are called to be part of what has not been seen. You have permission to be daring with your Divine potential. To go boldly, without any obligation to religion, or man, but with a wholehearted devotion towards God and His kingdom. 


Marvel Ad Astra is a movement that seeks to step beyond national paradigms, beyond a 7 mountain mindset of transformation. We are stepping beyond previous modalities of cultural transformation, and stepping into a 100 year paradigm of Vision and Creation, that sees the fullness of the earth and cosmos as an administration suitable for the emergence and development of new frontiers in ideas and their expressions in order to create and build the future that will host the Kingdom of Heaven in beauty, glory, and power. 

We are Renaissance.


The previous Renaissance began with one single idea, that “man is the measure of all things.” 


This new Renaissance has a different standard, and it is that God is the measure of all things. 

So, with this new measure we begin, first in language, then in culture, then in the innovation of new frontiers ranging from the Cosmic frontiers, Geo frontiers (earth), Bio frontiers, Neuro frontiers (Brain and Divine Intelligence), Tech frontiers, Innovative frontiers, Quantum frontiers, Linguistic frontiers, and finally City Building frontier that will host the New Era Civilization. OUr goal is to see His measure in beauty, glory, intelligence, excellence, and power.


We believe that the God language, the Theoglossa is the foundation of Heaven’s culture. This is our first stride in this season. We are committed to making room for the measure of God in the 

form of thought, language, and action, as we lay this first foundation and establish His measure on the earth.  


Join us for in depth conversations, interaction, and briefings that will unlock you into new spheres of revelation, insight, and process. 


What you get with your monthly subscription


3 hour live content in one month divided up in an in depth briefing in unlocking the supernatural dimensions of language. 


1.5 hour of briefing in unlocking the supernatural dimensions of language.

Some of the themes we will be covering here, Awe and Wonder, Paradigms of New Era Language, How language frames Culture, Divine Blueprints for Kingdom Exploits, (gateways, regions, and new frontiers), The language of creation,  the Importance of the Culture forethought, Architecting Cities, and types of New Era cities, that will host the marvel of God’s language. And much more!


1.5 hours of Q&A- these are dynamic group discussions that draw out unique facets of revelation that emerge in focused interaction. 


In addition to this there will be some spontaneous content that will be released in video form with key voices that I feel will add great value to this experience.


Private FB group where you can interact with other members- 


All content will be available on the Thinktific Website. 

All session will be done over Zoom Video calls the first and third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm CST

All sessions will be available for replay in the Thinktific platform. (website link will be sent in an email)


We launch Aug 3rd.


Immersive Retreats will become available in the fall and you will be able to sign up for that as well. (these will be small and space will be limited, first come first serve)


Summits: Our first summit will be in spring/summer of 2022


Marvel Ad Astra Institute is also in the works, more of this soon. 

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