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Back To Eden Monthly Subscription

Starts Feb 10th



This is a monthly subscription. You can pay month to month or pay in 3 month increments. (As of right now I am offering this subscription for 3 months, and will build onward from that point. 



*To build a lifestyle of prayer in your biology. Learn to walk with God not only in your  spirit and soul, but also your body. This subscription will have a threefold focus, spirit, soul, and body. 

*Join a community of likeminded people who are in pursuit of the same journey. 

*Reset of spirit, soul, and body,

*Reconnect to your divine design and healing intelligence.

*We will be going into deep prayer and activation over your emotions, mind, brain, nervous system, circadian rhythms, and DNA. To be clear, I am not a doctor, or neuroscientist, but i do believe in the power of prayer and processing this dimensions of our human existence with God. 

*Make your aim to love God with all you heart, soul, and body. 


There is supernatural life to be experienced in deep intimacy with the Father. 

What you will learn

*How heavenly realities are accessible and can be grown and cultivated to sustain supernatural destiny. 

*How to walk in the ecosystem, atmosphere, and reality of Eden, its realm of abundance of life, Divine Encounter and deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit, so that you can cultivate, grow, and bear much fruit. 


Do you desire to grow in intimacy with God?

Do you desire to discover and experience deeper realms of life in Christ?

Are you hungry to unlock and experience a deeper realm of encounter with heaven?

Do you desire to activate your mind, soul, and body in a fresh way to start the new year?

Do you desire to cultivate a walk in these realms?

Then this subscription is for you. 


5 audio prayers released through the month- (These are short tracks of prayers, and will be prerecorded.)


2 Video group prayers a month. (30-45 min each, that are highly focus on a designated area of your biology)This is a total of 90 min of live interaction, that will be via zoom.

The sessions you can record on your own device. If you do not have the capacity of recording, then you have to have a Dropbox account so that I can send the recording via Dropbox. The recording will be sent at the latest 3 days after the session.

All live content will be accessible for replay. 


Access to Private FB group community, where you can share your journey in wholeness. 


We begin Feb 10th, I am offering this subscription month to month or as a one time payment for 3 months, to begin

Infiniteering Monthly Subscription

Feb 11th

Infiniteering Monthly Subscription is an experience designed to help you walk out your goals and processes as an innovator, creative, entrepreneur, or visionary. This monthly subscription will spur you on your bold process, and will be a place where you can share your experience as well as a place where you will be encouraged and further developed in the difficult road of pioneering. Many times it is easy to lose sight of your purpose or vision once the excitement of launching off into that new idea begins to wear off. This subscription will help you to push on, and press on against every limit, so that you can continually birth the newness God has put in you.  It will sharpen our creativity, courage, and tenacity. This is for you if you long and desire to Create, Build, and Engineer the vastness of the future in God. 

Is this subscription for me?

This subscription  is for you if you are already working on a creative project, innovation, business, or or you are scaling your vision into greater heights. 

This subscription  is for you if you want to push beyond the limits that you are facing as you move forward with that great idea. 

What You Will Get:

2 group live session 45 min each total of 90 min of  month where Fiorella will teach and encourage you in your process. 

Each month will pose a unique challenge that will be a great way to put what you have to work and take action, and most importantly, follow through on that action. 

Challenges will be posted at the beginning of the month.

Each participant will have the opportunity to share their processes on the private FB group. 


Get Both Subscriptions

for a special bundle price.

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