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Infinite Workshop

Starts May 1st

INFINITE WORKSHOP: Reclaiming The Imagination.

STARTS May 1st @ 3pm CST- 6pm CST

This Workshop will be focused in reclaiming the supernatural power of the imagination. 


Your imagination is not a compartmentalized box in your brain. It is unique to you. Neuroscientists have discovered that each persons neural network for what is considered the imagination is actually the axis of connection from several other networks in your brain. It is unique to how you think and feel. It is what makes you you. 


In this workshop we will 

-Define The Power Of The Imagination: Learning how to use the keys of eternity and infinity to expand and create. 

-Develop A Mindset Of Creation: 

  • -Learn how to empty the clutter from imaginative mindsets and emotional perspectives.

  • -Break Out Limited Boxes.

  • -Learn how to steward the axis of divine thought and emotion to discover God's wonders.

Unlock Your Creative and Innovative potential. 



Do you want to expand your supernatural potential in the realm of what is possible to conceive in God?

Do you find yourself feeling limited in your life, emotions, or mindsets?

Do you hunger for what is beyond, what no eye has seen or ear heard, but don't know how to get there?

Do you desire to activate your imagination in its supernatural potential, and experience the works of wonder?

Are you in need of breakthrough in the realm of ideas?

Do you desire to break beyond the perceived limitation of time?

Do you desire to cultivate a sustainable output of divine creativity and innovation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you.



This workshop will be done over FB Live in a private group.

You will also have guide to my personal Notes with important parts of the content.

The workshop will last 3 hours. 2.5 hours of teaching and 30 min of prayer activation. 

You must have a Facebook account to be able to be part of the course. 

An automated email will be sent to you once you sign up with the link for the group. 

Please check your spam folder.

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