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Back To Eden Intensive

Early Bird expires Dec 20th

BACK TO EDEN INTENSIVE: JAN 20TH- 24TH - Limited space.

Early bird expires Dec 20th

This is a 5 day experience. The sessions will be in the early evening. Each 1 hour and a half over 5 days. The sessions will be a combination of teaching, soaking, deep prayer, encounters, and activation. 


*The purpose of this intensive is to: 

*Return and reconnect with the place of the First Love

*Reset of spirit, soul, and body,

*Reconnect to your divine design and healing intelligence.

*We will be going into deep prayer and activation over your emotions, mind, brain, nervous system, circadian rhythms, and DNA. 

*Make your aim to love God with all you heart, soul, and body. 


There is supernatural life to be experienced in deep intimacy with the Father. 

What you will learn

*How heavenly realities are accessible and can be grown and cultivated to sustain supernatural destiny. 

*How to walk in the ecosystem, atmosphere, and reality of Eden, its realm of abundance of life, Divine Encounter and deeper intimacy with the Holy Spirit, so that you can cultivate, grow, and bear much fruit. 


Do you desire to grow in intimacy with God?

Do you desire to discover and experience deeper realms of life in Christ?

Are you hungry to unlock and experience a deeper realm of encounter with heaven?

Do you desire to activate your mind, soul, and body in a fresh way to start the new year?

Then this intensive is for you. 

All session will be live, but all content is accessible for replay.

The Intensive will take place in a private FB Group. 


Sunday Nov 1st @ 3pm CST- 6pm CST
Note: this is a live workshop but you can watch at your leisure, and catch the replay if you are unavailable. 
Lifetime Access To all Content.

This workshop is geared towards unlocking your future and supernatural capacities in your dream realm. 

This is the second part to the first Dream Coherence Workshop. This workshop stands on its own but if you desire a broader paradigm, I advice signing up for the Dream Coherence Workshop.

Have you ever seen yourself be able to do great supernatural feats in dreams like stop time, shift timelines, change outcomes, or even think in new dimensions of spiritual intelligence? I believe these realms that God reveals in dreams are more than revelation, they are alive with activation from the Lord to begin to stir your supernatural capacities, and expand your faith for what is possible.

There is activation in the movement of the dream. Sure, you will not necessarily learn to fly physically in this course:) but i will teach you how to harness the principles of the supernatural in your dreams to decode your ability to transcend situations and circumstances by the power of the finished work of the cross. 


What you will learn

Understand the different dimension of your being and how they engage with God as you partner with Him in your dream life and the development of this creates a supernatural paradigm of interaction, which i call the DreamScape. 

how to partner with the Holy Spirit through prayer, and diving deep into the power of the name of Jesus to activate and process the quantum dimensions of your future through your dreams. 


Biblical and Christ Centered activation to being  consciously aware in your dream life and be able to shift its dimensions and outcomes. (Lucid Dreaming)

What To Expect

Content will be broken down in 4 Live videos for the duration of  the 3 hours. 

2 Live Videos of Content

1 Live Video of Q&A 

1 Live Video Of Prayer and Activation- the activation is about  30-45 min long.

NOTE: you must have a Facebook Profile to be part of workshop. The live videos will be be via FB Live.


3 HOUR EXPERIENCE - This was a live course, but you can still sign up to enjoy the replay experience.



Do you desire to break out of the redundant seemingly meaningless dreams and enter into realms of healing and wholeness?

Do you desire to experience a greater depth of heaven in your dreams?

Do you have a desire to walk in greater level of understanding in mind, soul, and spirit? 

Do you long to understand the realms of possibility in the paradigm of Divine dreams and the Quantum Realities?

Do you desire to grow in walking in the mind of Christ?


1. Defining Dream Coherence

2. What Are Dreams Made Of

3. Defining The Quantum Realm In Dreams

4. Unlocking the Wisdom and Understanding of God

5. Breaking limitations in the soul and mind to dream more clearly and expansively. 

6. Understanding The Brain As A Quantum Field

7. Activation Session at the end of workshop. 

Note: This is a live workshop that will take place in a private Facebook group. All content will be available for replay and lifetime access.

Infiniteering Group Mentorship Experience

currently unavailable

Infiniteering Group Mentorship is an experience designed to launched you into greater depths of your unique purpose and identity in this New Era. It is wired to push you into your full potential and challenge the boxes that you have been in. It is designed to harness your uniqueness and creativity and help you birth the newness that God has put inside of you. It is for those who long and desire to Create, Build, and Engineer the vastness of the future in God. 

Is this mentorship for me?

This mentorship is for you if you sense that you are carrying a greater magnitude of calling and assignment that is beyond what has been defined or modeled in the church before.

This mentorship is for you if you want to gain clarity and definition in your role as a son or daughter of God in this New Era. 

This mentorship is for you if you feel like you carry a unique vision. Here you will be unlocked into your potential. 

What You Will Get:

2 Group Sessions, (2 hours each) ($600 value)

Infiniteering Lab 1: Unlock the Infiniteer, the Visionary, or the Futurist in you

Infiniteering Lab 2: Pioneering the unique intersection of the gifting and vision in you.

1 Personal Coaching Session (60 min) ($150 value)

Coaching Session 1: Personal Coaching Session on the area you need, or one on Maximizing your Infinitivity (Creativity) to create the extraordinary. 

15 day bite size Devotional

This will be a compilation of key scriptures and short encouragements to encourage you in the process.

This  will be a downloadable word document. This will be sent via email by July 26th, Mentorship launches July 28th.

Infiniteer Ecourse Recorded Teachings- ( 85 value)

These will be available on this website: It will be password protected and released every 3 days during the duration of the mentorship, but you can revisit all the content for lifetime access. 

-The gift of faith as for the New Era Visionaries

-Defining The Infiniteer: The hybrid of the futurist , visionary, and builder.

-Unlocking your full God Given potential as an infiniteer.  

-Defining the new grace for this New Era- Infinitivity and the Creative Realm of God's vast nature.

-Embracing the manifold wisdom of God to flow through you and in culture in order to the building ecosystems for transformation.

-Defining the next frontier of Innovation: The quantum frontier for a New Renaissance. (New teaching not included in the mini crash course previous to this one.)

FB group text , where i will check in once daily, and you can shoot some questions you may have. 

All group Labs and Coaching sessions will be via Zoom Video Call. If you miss a group Lab you can revisit the recording on this site. 

You will have the option to record the zoom calls on your end as well, so you can keep all the content without having to get on this site. 

Group Lab dates 

Lab 1: Dec 1st @ 5pm PST/ 7pm CST/ 8pm EST

Lab 2: Dec 15 @ 5pm PST/ 7pm CST/ 8pm EST

Personal Coaching Sessions will be scheduled with me. 

Time slots will be Monday- Friday Available times will be from 10 am CST to 8 pm CST. 

I will reach out to you via email, once you sign up so you can  book your session. 


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